Dearest Brenda—You know I LOVE THIS! Dancing dancing dancing, that is me. Jumping around and dancing and loving…….Love love love is what I AM!I was remembering a time at least 6 or so years ago when I worked for a very difficult woman, who clearly was insecure and hard to be around. I ended up leaving to maintain my sanity and grace but I sent her love. Great realization at the time. I can send love but I don’t have to be around that person while they are working on their issues. I need to take care of me.I have many days where I feel that I LOVE everyone! What a blissful feeling. The key for me is that if I am completely and unconditionally loving myself, then that is when I am most in love with all! We are all ONE, after all.love you tons and tons and your amazing messages are marvelous and so uplifting and so brilliant!thank you dear sister in divine……sister goddess or as you and Mrinithia say, Cosmic Sister!muah muah muah, Elizabeth

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