A Sovereign being is Self-generating

Perfection! I am on the LOVE path. Wooohooo!

Divine Musings


What is a Sovereign being?
A Sovereign being is a Christed being, whole, complete and Self-generating.

This is the form in which we first arrived to the planet. But I don’t need to repeat the old stories. Yes, there are many old stories all with the same plot. Man fell from grace into separation. But I find that difficult to believe, because Grace is still ever-present in our lives. We have simply been taught, yes taught, to separate ourselves from it.

Oh we can divert into the stories of victimhood here. Who did what to whom. And repeat the same old, same old. Or….we can rise above it all and reaffirm the Grace that permeates everything. The Grace that opens our eyes to more of who we think we are.

Humanity is in the process of awakening to the totality of who we are as Christed beings. In the past…

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