The Little One

Thank you both! My tummy had bothered me my whole life. I feel it all there…..i was just talking to it this morning and appreciating it and telling it that out can retire because I AM completely protected and one with All-That-Is.

And I only see my mum when my hubby is there with me, I have to be guarded and take care of me. Especially I realized that my mum is a Dementor (I just read all the Harry Potter books). I am super empathic and intuitive so I could feel all that energy around me my whole life. I thought I was a bit of a nut case until I figured it out. 😀😀💞💞

Anyway, thanks for the great post! As per usual!

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Most of us carry within our solar plexus a wounded child. As little children most of us were not given the type of love we were looking for, that unconditional love. We realized at a very early age that we could not be ourselves but had to conform to what was expected of us in order to be received by our guardians, our family, and our community.  As a result we have been carrying around some very deep wounds.

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Salvation Anyone?

Cracking up!
“So if anyone walks up to you and asks you “Have you been saved?” you could look them directly in the eyes, with the fire of spirit in yours, and say, “Yes, I saved myself a lot of suffering by loving myself and embracing the god within me.”

I also kept remembering times when I would think, I can never eat icecream……and I just wanted to eat it!!!! heehee

I was not raised any religion and became a Sikh when I was 17. So now I have Jesus come to me as this most loving presence. And I just can’t relate to the religious stuff since I never had that. Just the crazy human crap that came from being a Sikh, crazy human crap that is in any religion because we humans are in the mix. Humans are awesome but we do put our interpretation on things. 🙂

My mum became a born again Christian and I sometimes say, Jesus would be having a big old heart attack about what folks are doing in his name. OY! He is one of my guides now. He goes by Jubal, as all the incarnations of Yeshua.

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Most of the world’s religions believe that god is separate from man and believe in good and evil, and in suffering.  Some refer to it as Karma.  Most teach the importance of striving for spiritual ‘purity,’ of releasing all ‘sensual’ desires, and of transcending their human-ness.

Some religions subscribe to the belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our ‘sins.’ That we are born sinners, and only if we embrace Jesus as our messiah will we be able to have eternal life, and go to heaven when we leave this mortal coil. That we must worship an external god, and follow a lot of dogma to prove worthiness, or the consequences could be dire.

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Finding New You

YAY! Many interesting new you (me) possibilities. Thanks so much dear Brenda for your beautiful blog post.

love you!

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Summary of Brenda’s October 14, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at You’re letting go of pieces you thought important before this transition – and finding amazing parts of new you that include the talents and interests of all your segments. You love yourself enough to act on the desires of new you instead of who you thought you were in 3D. The next Creation Energies will be channeled Friday, October 28, 2016.

Dear Ones,

Many of you are concerned that you do not feel like a different person. That you somehow missed your calling or direction.

Neither is true for your shifts are so rapid as not to be noticeable.

Perhaps that last statement feels as if it is just another carrot to maintain your hopes in something that is not happening – a switch and bait, if you will. For if…

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Love the synchronicities….. Over and over with you, Sistar Goddess!

I turned 59 in August and have always KNOWN that I would live to be 120. But I knew it would feel good and I would still be doing cartwheels and that the numbers would not mean shit. 😀💛

Too tired to write more but you give me comfort when I feel so alone on this path I AM on. 😀😀💛💛😀😀💛💛😀😀💛💛😀😀💛💛

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How often do you stop to consider what you are doing, what is actually happening to you at this time, in your body, on this Planet?  That you are at the end of a vastly long cycle of lifetimes.  That you are moving out of a very old energy into an entirely new one.  That you are bringing back together all the parts of you that were lost and separated.  That you are allowing your soul, your divine self, into your life and your body on a more intimate level than you have ever felt before.  That you are recalibrating your body, so that you can go from human to divine human.

For many of us, this will probably be our last lifetime on Planet Earth.  We are ending a 25,000 year old cycle and are literally beginning a brand new stage of our evolution.  This new stage actually began…

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Embodied Enlightenment: Why Wait?

Oh yes, sistar goddess!!
‘But at a certain point it’s to let that all go and just say, “what the hell! I am just going to go for it!  I am going to just love me just where I’m at and allow my soul to come in and see what happens.”’
“And along the way I have discovered as I just allow, it sets up a dynamic in which my soul gets the green light and comes in even closer.  Then I feel great and carefree and it seems to open up a desire to express.  And then to share those expressions.  And that place is delicious.”
I like to call it profound allowing…….:-)
We are divinely and perfectly perfect EXACTLY as we are right NOW!
love you and thanks for sharing your beautiful wisdom.

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girl-1691539_1280 image from www,

On my own journey of ascension, of embodying spirit, I have discovered some things that surprised me.  One being that my soul, my Divine I Am is just wanting to love me, and not just a kind of ‘New Agey’ Hallmark moment love.  But a deep, respectful, abiding and unconditional love.  She wants to feel my essence as much as I want to feel hers.

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New You is Undefinable

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Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black PhotoChanneled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s October 14, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at    You’re letting go of pieces you thought important before this transition – and finding amazing parts of new you that include the talents and interests of all your segments.  Now, you love yourself enough to act on the desires of new you instead of who you thought you were in 3D. The next Creation Energies will be channeled Friday, October 28, 2016.

“I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

It’s time to use your new skills developed as a result of discovering more about new you.

Even though many of you remain in disbelief that you…

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The Angels speak about death and Michael’s passing

A beautiful man passed last night, going to another dimension. I thought that the message I received about him and for his beloveds might be of interest to this group. I had a huge epiphany around death, thank you Michael for being my beautiful friend/mentor. And thank you Laura for your love and support!

Dearest Angels—
What do you say about Michael J Lincoln? What should we do?

Dear Ones—There is no one like our dear Michael J Lincoln. We KNOW you know all this. You didn’t need to hear it from us. A special man that you humans want to stay around in this form, maybe not forever, but certainly many many more years. WE HEAR YOU!
Something to ponder……by Michael launching, perhaps to another realm, it would encourage and validate your launch. We see a certain holding back with some of you. You are ready and it is time to let the blinders loose, the wings out, the mouth un-taped. Fly fly fly to your destiny—it is really a matter of gliding—no wings flapping or engine required.
We see Michael, in whatever form, cheering and applauding and supporting from wherever he is.
We say this is what you can do for you and for him. Best Medicine.
Focusing solely on what “appears” to be ailing him is of old earth. Michael is rapidly moving completely to New Earth. Whether this is in human form or being in another realm, we cannot say. We could make a statement and that would change in 2 seconds. We are just here to give comfort.
Michael is exemplifying the healing crisis in the world right now. And KNOW that appearances are deceiving. Shifting shifting shifting.
Part of the new earth awareness is the ability to be connected with all, in body or out. This is the new way. Death is not final. It is a shifting to another plane of existence. Just because something is not visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
So dearest sisters—be at peace. As you shift your understanding and awareness COMPLETELY to this New Earth, you give Michael the biggest gift ever! JOY! JOY! JOY!
We are always here!
The Beans*
Which includes AA Michael, Mother Mary, Jeshua and archangels as far as you cannot see.
*Elizabeth’s group of guides is known as The Beans

I am including my radio show from yesterday as I dedicated it to Michael. FYI-not very many hear it. My following is extremely small. But Michael used to listen every week……The show is all soul flow.

Michael goes to another dimension

I had a most beautiful meditation this morning after finding out my long time (40 years) friend and mentor, Michael J. Lincoln aka Narayan Singh Khalsa passed into another dimension. I was sitting with his energy (I could hear him laughing) and feeling sad and happy all at the same time. And then I heard this come into my head…… Ang Sang Wahe Guru!! So I went to look it up to get the full translation and it means. “The dynamic, loving energy of the Infinite Source of All is dancing within my every cell, and is present in my every limb. My individual consciousness merges with the Universal consciousness.” Oh my gosh! I am humbled and grateful and SO FILLED with love and JOY for this man I have known.I AM wallowing in gratitude and joy. I will continue to communicate and commune with him as he is only a dimension away. Ang Sang Wahe Guru! ❤ ❤ If you want to see the multitude of amazing and profound books he has written go here.

Are You Ready For Your Financial Fortune?

Oh yes!!! “Especially now with the new energy, it seems taking actions from anything but passion and joy backfires anyway. We simply can’t get away with doing things in the old way anymore. And that of course is a good thing. We can no longer compromise our joy for a paycheck. Or compromise our integrity for any kind of security.”

“Just as your soul loves you without you having to prove your worthiness or to change who you are, so it is with money. You absolutely do not have to prove worthiness, and really don’t even have to earn it. Being open to whatever avenues it comes to you from is also important. Just allow it to come in easily and joyfully.”

“So it is imperative that we allow ourselves to receive without reservation, without guilt, without limitation.”

thank you dear sistar goddess!

love it so much!!

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moneyThat may sound like a silly question. You say, of course I am ready to receive my financial fortune. I deserve it. I put my time in with developing self-love and cultivating a relationship with my soul. Now I wish to reward myself with plenty of money so that I can truly enjoy life here on the planet.

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Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA

Yep! Been getting that the Donald serves a huge purpose. Gratitude…..

From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew

In my line of work, I clearly see timelines and futures. I see probabilities rather than possibilities. I compare energies of past, present, and future events in order to calculate similarities, find growth, and evaluate pitfalls.

I see the blueprint beneath the trajectory of events, life paths — anything, really, that involves the melding of human consciousness. Due to this ability, I’ve been hired by Fortune 500 Executives to evaluate failing business directives, Investors to monitor the success-or-failure arc of future projects (and how to avoid the fails), and good ol’ everyday folks like you and me who would like some assistance with the complex hurdles of their own lives.

I’ve assisted Hollywood Producers in developing content that’s consistent with the reality of the paranormal and spiritual world. I’ve been part of ridding homes and people of horrible and pesky spirits, be they Demonic, Human or Elemental. I’ve even consulted…

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