Profound Allowing

A Sadhu Shares

Profound Allowing

From October 2014

Dear Ones-honor all your feelings. Do you know what we mean? If you feel anger about something, stop a moment, ponder what it means, and bless it and honor it and move on. Hmmmm….you may say to yourself. Why did X tweak me and why do I feel so much anger about it? Then love and forgive yourself and honor your feeling and then move on down the road. Why, you ask? ALL feelings are legitimate and honest and real and part of you! That makes up ALL of you.

There has been such stigma around feeling anger, for instance. Especially for women, not okay to be angry. Well, we say, HA! Such is not the case. Feeling ALL of your feelings shows your strength and beauty and you honor YOU!

And may we say that in some new earth circles, it appears that it is not okay to feel or show anything but blissful joy. Do you hear me? Do you know this? So then the humans suppress your true and lovely feelings because you don’t want to appear out of it or not in the groovy new earth. HA! Do you hear us? What about sadness? What about despair? Perhaps you need to feel this to release what has gone before? It does not have to take over your life. And it will not take over your life as in the past. Feel the sad, feel the anger, feel the joy, feel the despair. Profound allowing of all your beautiful feelings. Oh yes!

You ALL are beautiful BEings and that means ALL parts of you! Notice the feeling, ponder the feeling, honor the feeling, let go of the feeling. This can take you a mere minute or two or it can take a day. It is all perfect. And as you practice this, it will speed along faster and faster and you release and are living InJOY! Profound allowing of ALL your parts!

With an abundance of profundity and joy and ALL the feelings, we are The Beans and Elizabeth


Opening Your Pressure Cooker

A most perfect weekend and way to open the pressure cooker……….woooooosh……………..Dancing ALL weekend. Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh contra therapy!

Love you and thanks!

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Summary of Brenda’s February 17, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Perhaps you’ve recently experienced rages and fears causing you to believe you’re returning to 3D life. Instead, you’re merely letting off steam or deeply hidden fears allowing you to move beyond 5D if you wish. Before you decided to live in New Earth, those deeply hidden fears didn’t require clearing. But now, you need to refine yourself, and so you are with the aid of recent energies. You continue to transition far beyond what you and we thought possible before entering earth in this lifetime.

“Who Are You?” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel as if you cannot remove your anger shell. For…

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Who Am I?

Dearest Brenda—-Thank you! I am having so much darn fun coming out as ME! I feel so blessed to be where I AM. I have worked hard to get here and it has been a long road. Today is my half birthday. I am 59 and a half. I have been consciously doing this healing since 1972. OY. so glad I am where I am now. Finally.

I cracked up when I read the part about age 25. My honey always thought that boys, and he includes himself, should not drive until they are 25. heehee

When my son was 18 I used to go to work and say, do you want Jazz’s phone number, he knows everything, just ask him. 🙂 He is now 36 and so much more mellow and humble and super amazing. Proud mama!

love you tons and tons,
Warrior Goddess of Joy

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

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Summary of Brenda’s February 10, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Do you sense the wackiness of your world now? Is your glass half empty or half full? You can choose to be a bit player in your television show meaning that your being/voice can be deleted at any time. Or you can be the star who lives despite all. Choosing to live in fear creates fear in your personal life and ensures you won’t be the star of your life.

“Are You Shoulding 5D You?” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

At times, you feel capable of anything and at others as if your world is coming to an end. “Who am I?” is your new mantra.

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We are connected on all dimensions

I just found this message that I received as a Spirit Translator in a notebook that I had stashed away. It is from October 12, 2016. It is about my dear mentor and best friend, Michael, who passed to another dimension on the 15th of October. I find myself SO comforted. I asked the angels, “What do you say about Michael J. Lincoln? Can you speak from his soul? What should we do?” (Michael was ill and we were seeking guidance.) This is what came through.

Dear Ones–There is no one like our dear Michael J. Lincoln. WE KNOW YOU ALL KNOW THIS. You didn’t need to hear it from us. A special man that you humans want to stay around in this form, maybe not forever, but certainly for many many more years. WE HEAR YOU!

Something to ponder….by Michael launching, perhaps to another realm, it would encourage and validate your launch. We see a certain holding back with some of you. You are ready and it is time to let the blinders loose, the wings out, the mouth untapped. Fly fly fly to your destiny–it is really a matter of gliding–no wings flapping or engine required.

We see Michael, in whatever form, cheering and applauding and supporting from where he is.

We say this is what you can do for you and for him. Best medicine.

Focusing solely on what “appears” to be ailing him is of old earth. Michael is rapidly moving completely to New Earth. Whether this is in human form or being in another realm, we cannot say. WE could make a statement and that would change in 2 seconds. WE are just here to give comfort.

Michael is exemplifying the healing crisis in the world right now. Appearances are deceiving. Shifting. Shifting. Shifting.

Part of the New Earth awareness is the ability to be connected with all, in body or out. This is the new way. Death is not final. It is a shifting to another plane of existence. Just because something is not visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

So dearest sisters (this was written originally to Michael’s caretakers but today I got it was for all divine sisters and brothers)-be at peace. As you shift your understanding awareness COMPLETELY to this New Earth, you give Michael the biggest gift every. Joy!

We are always here,

The Beans and Elizabeth*

*Including: AA Michael, Mother Mary, Jeshua, Guru Amar Das, and archangels as far as the eye can see.



P.S. Michael immediately went to be with our beloved AA Michael. They are so grateful and downright giddy with joy. They call themselves the M & M’s. They love silly!


Our Role in this Ascension is Bigger Than You Think

Oh yes, Sistar Goddess, oh yes! So confirming and comforting. As A Spirit Translator myself, I have have been getting some inklings of this.

I AM seeing the love everywhere, in everyone!
Elizabeth, Warrior Goddess of Joy

From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew


This chapter in American history isn’t simply about Donald Trump. He’s only one guy, one player in a vast cast of ascension. It’s not just about him.

It’s about all of us.

The bottom line is that most folks simply were not in a space to hear what was happening with this bizarre election in real time, let alone a future perspective. Rationality had been replaced with an utter blinding fear consciousness, followed with the ensuing grief.

People were shaken up, angry, scared, that an entire election was literally stolen from our first female candidate, all with the help of a foreign coup aided by the FBI. And make no mistake — this election was purposely, and calculatedly — redirected. Not to spite a candidate, but for big, big money gains. And the financial pay-offs promised to all who helped this outcome pop into fruition are immense.

Meanwhile, the once-powers-that-be…

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Where to focus?

Oh my gosh…..I get going on so many projects all at the same time and then overwhelm myself…..My honey laughs with me and is so helpful and supportive reminding me that we are retired and we don’t have to be stressed.

I AM a Can-Do. It is my main soul type. (Joy Child is my other main type.) I find myself DOING a lot. I love doing. I am good at doing. Sheesh! Besides all my volunteer activities, dance committee activities, Social Media work, on-line class and homework,  I am also working on getting my diet cleared up and figuring out how to eat on a long term basis. I also want to exercise everyday, even just a little walk and a little stretching. I am busy, but I am figuring out that I don’t have to do everything! So, I am focusing on my health.  I have focused on my emotional healing and spiritual life for the past 45  years and for the last 25 I have given my physical self more energy. I walked a couple of marathons, one half marathon, climbed some mountains, rode quite a few centuries on my bicycle, walked, hiked, and most fun of all, danced danced danced.

I do not find great joy anymore from climbing mountains. I do not find great joy from riding my bicycle long distances. I am not really interested in walking more marathons. This could all change, of course. So, I let these go over the last 10 years.

I am allowing myself to figure it out in a more mellow kind of way. I AM letting go of guilt that I am not doing enough or I am not riding my bicycle right now. Oh my gosh! This feels so good. I will continue to walk and to dance and soon ride my bicycle around town. But for today, I am getting myself settled into a happy food regime and taking extra pressure off myself.

I often like to ask, what brings you joy? How can you do x thing and be in joy?

I talk about it here.

Be kind to yourself. KNOW that you are awesome! Take care of YOU!

Things The Guru Never Taught You

Oh Sistar Goddess!
I needed to read this today. Thank you!

It so resonates and I don’t feel so alone!

Muah muah muah and big virtual hugs!

Thank you! So so so much

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One thing we have learned through this embodied enlightenment process is that the vibration of love is not what we thought it was.

We thought that by exercising that feeling of love towards others and towards ourselves it would bring everything beautifully into balance. And while ultimately it does, initially it disrupts the energies that it touches. That is why our bodies and our life seem to be falling apart. The energies are just re-organizing themselves in order to accommodate our Christ Consciousness.

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The Upgrade

Love this, Sistar Goddess! Yay yay yay!

I had an awesome realization this last weekend. I am my biggest asset.

Yay for us all!

Love you

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cropped-starbucks.jpg Goodbye Old Friend…

Today I gave a good burial to my long time friend, my android tablet.  I did try to have it revived at my local carrier where I purchased it.   But after quite a while in their recharger, the woman assisting me gave me the bad news.  The device was a big part of my life.  I took it with me to the coffee shop, worked on it, played on it.  Watched Netflix and Amazon videos on it.  But I knew it was on its last legs.  It wasn’t performing very well, and the battery died quickly and had to be charged regularly.  It seemed to have outlived its usefulness.

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An f’in Miracle

Howdy everyone! I had this huge realization today. Epic! I like me! It feels like a miracle since I never thought I would get here. This realization was aided in part by the 30 Day Ignite Video Challenge that I am participating in.

I love doing video. I am having so much fun with it. The woman who is leading it is Niamh Arthur ( Each day she gives us a tip and a prompt of what to talk about for 2 minutes or less. Brilliant! So, today’s prompt was, what have we learned about ourselves in the last 3 weeks?

Here is my video.

Part of my obsessive self love journey!

I love you all and I love me, wow!

I AM seeing the love everywhere, in everyone!