The Advanced Guard: Claim Your Magnificence

Dear SiSTAR—–Again…I hear you loud and clear… say it so well.

I had an interesting blast from the past come up this morning, old 3D shit…….around my father……and so I am sitting with it but getting pretty loud and clear that this is NOT my business……..not my job…….AND it is so counter to all that this society thinks around family and parents and taking care of them, etc etc……..

I love what you say, “We’ve done all the heavy lifting already.  We have for the most part done what we came here to do.  Now we want to stick around and just enjoy life, which could mean to express and share our wisdom with others, and/or to just feel this environment in the most sensual of ways.”

OH MY GOSH! yes yes yes……..This is so true and what a great reminder and confirmation for me. Thank you!

My main soul type is a CAN DO and I have this little piece of me that keeps thinking I must DO something….heehee……..and I keep getting reinforced that this is old me, old stuff, old 3D……

letting it all go.

Thanks for being you and sharing your messages with us. So lovely to not feel SO ALONE!

love you, dear SiSTAR Goddess!!!!!


PS. Great example from Back to the Future….heehee

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As I observe folks, get to know them and look at their personal history, I see that for the most part they are pretty established in their patterns.  Much of what they do and think is in lock-step with the rest of humanity.  They may come from different cultures, races and are male or female genders, But their basic human patterns are based in duality.

Very few humans recognize their own soul.

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I Don’t Care

I hear you sistar goddess! I have a chant that has helped me to get there……It is for giving it up to the Divine and also shifting out of 3D caring…..things don’t tweak me…..things don’t affect me in that old way. In the bliss…..the ananda*……..wahe guru**…….

* extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.
** an exclamation of unfathomable ecstasy

A fun article about the mantra Wahe Guru.

love us all!!!!!

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Artwork by Maria Chambers

When I am in this state of pure bliss, I don’t care about my dirty car, or about the state of affairs in the world.  Or even about the state of my own body, or finances.  When I am blissed out, I don’t care about my family and friends, and I certainly don’t care about my history, my old story, my ancestors, or my spiritual family back home.

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Enlightenment And Suffering

Dearest Sistar Goddess—-a whole lotta transmuting going on……..
“As men and women who are embodying our christ consciousness, we risk making our fellow humans feel even more uncomfortable.  We witness what these potent energies are doing to our personal lives, and our bodies and emotions.  Imagine what they could do to those we come into contact with.  This radiance is benevolent, but it also brings to the surface all that has been in shadow.  To be acknowledged, and loved.  And then it gets transmuted.”

Wow! I love reading your blog posts as they say it so well what I have been getting. I have overwhelmed others with my energy for years…..and still figuring out how to be out there.

I have been doing a chant that helps to move out of 3D and not take it on anymore….not be tweaked by 3D stuff and humans……letting it all go……

love you tons! AND thanks!
I am like HOlly…..I missed this one. xoxoxo

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As human beings, we are intimate with the energy of suffering.  From cradle to grave.  We spent lifetimes trying to run from it, but found it around every corner.  Through suffering we were playing our our galactic story beautifully, exploring the many facets of it.  We played both the victim of suffering and the perpetrator.  

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Fear Mongers Lost the War

Hey sweetie Brenda Dearest! Thanks for this.

I have been doing this particular chant for moving from 3D to……..letting go of 3D and not letting it affect us anymore. Letting go of what used to tweak us Letting go of people who don’t sync with us anymore.

Thanks so much for the love and joy and thanks everyone!
Warrior Goddess of Joy

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Summary of Brenda’s March 23, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at Time is speeding up allowing happenings days or weeks ago to seem as if years ago. Such is so because your outer world is crumbling. Perhaps you’re joyfully part of that destruction or part of the re-creation – or both. It doesn’t matter for you are of 5D and merely need to follow your joy to discover your role. You’re unique, and so is your role. There is no need to justify your interests or joy to anyone.

“Rebellious You is Peeking Out” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Have you noticed that you are starting to use your new skills – that is, new skills in this earth…

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Awakening And Comfort Zones

Oh beautiful friend, beautiful Sistar Goddess!

It is like you are in my head! You say it so perfectly. And what a great reminder for me. I have been focusing on”trying” to eat healthy. And in my head, hoping I will lose weight. Oy! I got caught in that 3D trip/trap again! And I just had an aha moment…… When I really enjoy my meal, I don’t think I will lose weight. Hmmmmm……

Your gorgeous words remedied/reminded me.

I KNOW THIS! I do, I do. Got caught up.

Your video is sublime!

Thank you so much for this!

Love you dear Maria! And I love us all!!!!

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Artwork by Maria Chambers

Many of us are noticing that if we insist on remaining in our old comfort zones, of doing things from a place of lack, we get nowhere, or worse.  It seems we can no longer get away with it.  Of course this is a good sign and it means we are awakening more to our expanded selves.  But it’s pushing us to stand out more.  And there is still a part of us that is concerned about doing that, about how we will be viewed by our brothers and sisters who still reside in the matrix, and whose feet are firmly planted in struggle.

But we are clearly being asked to choose.  Because one choice brings us in alignment, and the other sets us up for more discomfort.  It seems we can no longer straddle the fence.

Not that there are any wrong choices, because it all…

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Rebellious You is Peeking Out


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Summary of Brenda’s March 17, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at    Current energies are encouraging you to inform others who aren’t necessarily on a new you/New Earth path that you’re a powerful forerunner with many skills and resources. You’ve likely hidden your forerunner status because of lifetimes of persecution for those skills. So it is you’re accepting your inner-power on all levels.

“Energy Burst Needs are Refined” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Many of you are beginning to wonder how to address your 3D concerns without continuing duality. For even within New Earth communities, there are varying messages of right and wrong, “Do this, but not that.” “Ignore your concerns if they touch 3D duality.”…

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It’s A Nice Place To Visit…

Oh sweet Sistar Goddess!

You always say it so well and perfectly!

Injoying every second!

Love you

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Most people wait until the weekend, or until they retire, which is at the absolute end of their physical lifespan…to just enjoy life. And even then, most truly don’t know how to enjoy life.  They never did.  Admittedly, it took me a long time to allow myself to begin to enjoy life, and not just at designated times.

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Ascension: It’s LONELY At The Top (Or Is It?)

So perfect! Well said. I have felt alone my whole life. The one person who totally got me and all this stuff passed into another dimension last October 15. He and I talked on the phone 1-3 times a week for 40 years!! I talk to him in a different way now. 🙂 ❤

Thanks! I have often said that I am the largest onion on the face of the planet…..I just keep peeling….heehee… I love coming here since I don't feel so alone. muah

I found this video, probably many have seen it. It speaks to me on a huge larger level…..not just women's rights, all rights. WE are ONE!

I am at the stage now of being completely at peace with me……loving my company. I seek out my own company….. 🙂 …..and I will not shut up anymore. I am on fire……so so so excited about all that is happening. All the healing…..

Yesterday I feel like I graduated from some good shit. yay!

Love you all!!!!

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For those of us who elected to transform, in this one lifetime, from human to divine human, it can get dicey.  We can no longer relate to the 3D world any more.  That game is over for us.  There are fewer and fewer people in our life we can have a relationship with.  Yet, we have not yet established completely the relationship we desire with our eternal self, our own soul.

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Energy Burst Needs are Refined

YES YES YES. Thank you!

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Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black PhotoChanneled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s March 10, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at   Perhaps you’ve displaying unexpected actions or reactions. Such is so because you dared to incorporate segments necessary for this earth life. Once you allowed yourself enough self-love to accept the gifts of those lives without fear, you became a different being. You’re a more complete entity than ever before while of the earth, so you have a different response to stimuli. You’re new you. 

“We’ve Graduated to Universal Adulthood” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

It is not necessary to assume you have to float within new energies if you wish to be of 5D or more. Just as you do not need to like every food placed…

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The Barista

Love your post! This topic is coming up all over fo rme and I am having several fabulous conversations around these topics. The first thing I thought of was this video. #likeagirl Have you seen it?

Then I thought of this.

Thanks for your beautiful and balanced and thought provoking blog posts. I love them!!!

love you dear sistar goddess!!!!


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As many of you know, I love frequenting a local Starbucks for what I like to call my morning ritual.  Over time I found the one I like most.  As we know, all Starbucks are not created equal.  They may all look similar, but each one has its own energy signature.

The staff is friendly, and as I observe them over time, I notice they are a close-knit group and seem to enjoy working together.  Of course that trickles down to the customer.  We can sense those things and it can make for a much more welcoming experience.

I always say, one of the most important relationships in life is the one with your barista.

So one morning one of the young male baristas was pouring my dark roast.  He had been part of the staff there for awhile.  He was friendly, and seemed to enjoy working with…

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