Still, Small Voice


My Life as a Sadhu

One of the ways I think of my life as a sadhu is that I listen and follow that still, small voice within. Some call it God, Goddess, Universe, Source Energy, Inner Voice. It doesn’t matter to me what it is called. I just KNOW it is there and it is a HUGE comfort to me. I have cultivated that still small voice for pretty much my whole life. I have cultivated it and not always listened. But over the years I have learned to listen to it and follow it; and I usually get confirmation for listening. It is often a huge leap of faith, though. But one thing I have learned is that the more I listen, the more I trust, the more confirmation I get.

The Beans:

Dearest humans—at times to listen to that still, small voice, must feel like you are jumping off a huge cliff. We understand……We get it. Practice doing this. Try it with small things such as turning left when you know going right is the most direct route. Stopping at a specific place when you don’t think you need to stop there but you feel a call within you. Perhaps you will run into an old friend, but perhaps what happened is that it prevented an accident. You just don’t always know. You must TRUST. Yes, we use that word…… is hard to trust as so many humans look outside for their trust. Trusting other humans, fallible beings…….no offense to all the humans out there but NO ONE is infallible. Trusting that someone is going to stop at a stoplight, trusting that you won’t be hurt when you marry the love of your life……..To be human, means getting hurt, feeling pain. AND that is perfectly fine, it is part of living the human life.

We want you, if you so desire, to practice trusting YOU and your inner voice. Cultivate this lovely practice. Pause for a moment occasionally and see what pops up. We understand that this can be very confusing because there are so many voices inside the human’s heads…..Do this. Don’t do that. Don’t laugh too loud. Don’t dance in the doctor’s waiting room. Be a good girl. Be a man! Get a hairdo when you turn 40; you can’t have long hair. Diet, don’t eat butter, don’t get fat or you won’t be loved. And on and on and on and on……

So this is why practicing is important. But you needn’t take a long time……Practice for a few seconds several times a day. See what happens. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to ask any questions of The Beans. We love to hear from you!

Love, Elizabeth/Sadhu and The Beans

My Life as a Sadhu


My Life as a Sadhu

I received the name Sadhu when I was 17 and just graduated from high school. Sadhu means, “one who is disciplined” or a sadhu is a roving ascetic. But the meaning I love the most because I feel that it embodies me is, “one who shares her essence with others”. Sadhu is a derivative of the word, Sadhana, which means “spiritual practice”. I got very tired, over the years, of the assumptions about me and my name. It was assumed that since I was given that name by our spiritual teacher, that it meant that I needed to work on my self discipline. AND I bought it for a long time.

I turn 61 in a couple of weeks. AND I am finally coming to terms with the idea that I am an overachiever. I push myself in everything I do. I am VERY self disciplined! I have never felt good enough and so I believe this is the basis of my over achieving self. But, that is all good since I worked hard my whole life and there is nothing wrong with that. I believe that I instilled a great work ethic in my beloved children, also. AND the great thing is that they love what they do!

I am at a stage now where I am so happy to be retired and able to do whatever I want. I DO feel good enough. Hallelujah! But I am still having a little battle with that over achiever self. 🙂 It’s okay to just read my book and sit out in the yard. It is okay to enjoy my life without adding a bunch of extra things to feel that I ACHIEVED something.

I am good enough and I don’t have to do a damn thing to prove it. I think that I have been trying to prove it to myself all these years. I really didn’t have to convince anyone else. Mostly.

The Beans want to chime in.

Beloved Sadhu…….and you are very beloved to us. Today we are joined by AA Michael, your Michael (Michael J. Lincoln aka Narayan Singh), Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Jesus and others. We want you to GET this message and we want you to SHARE it as it is an important one that most humans will understand.

Dearest humans……..Please KNOW that you are GOOD ENOUGH. Pardon us for yelling but you NEED to hear this. You need to take this in. There is NOTHING you need to do to prove yourself. There is nothing you need to do. Period. You are perfect exactly as you are right now. YES, perfect. We understand that perfection is such a crazy term, that humans NEVER feel that they are perfect and would never claim that. We want you to understand that when we use the term perfect, we mean exactly as you are, right in that moment. Perfect is not one set thing. You are perfect for what is needed right then and there.

Any time you catch yourself feeling anything less than, STOP, even if for a brief moment and say to yourself, “I AM perfect.” Know that you are exactly what is needed for right now. PAUSE. Say it. Go on about a your day.

If you feel an itch to DO something to make yourself feel better or to make yourself feel that you achieved something or to FILL time and space, STOP and say it……..”I AM perfect”. WE KNOW that this will tweak many…….WE know that many will resist this idea. But take note of the definitions and see how they beautifully fit YOU! 1. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. 2.absolute; complete. Look at these and see how you fit so beautifully and perfectly 🙂 into these definitions.

This channeled message is for Elizabeth/Sadhu but it is also for many out there. Dear humans…….you are very beloved to us and we see you are beautifully and fabulously PERFECT!

Much love, always!

The Beans

Wallowing in Gratitude

Wallowing in Gratitude


Dearest humans—

It came to me recently that I was ready for a new project. Something that is most every day and doesn’t involve a lot of time, but would be satisfying. Thus, I am going to get my blogging going again. This blog is a combo sharing of me and my guides, The Beans.

Hello there happy people! YES, YOU happy people. AND you can be happy. Just decide to focus on happy happy…..instead of sad, grumpy, anger, angst. You get the picture. Don’t get us wrong, we want you to feel the feelings, but there is no need to wallow around in them, unless that brings you joy. AND we have noticed that there are some humans who love wallowing around in anger and angst. So go for it!

If you want to feel more joy, more happiness in your life, all you have to do is start with some small tiny thing. My dear friend/mentor called it a “tiny target”. What are you grateful for? Wallow on that. We like to say wallowing in gratitude. Give it a test. Try for a couple of weeks or for 40 days an experiment. Wallow in gratitude and see where it takes your brain, your soul, your heart, your being. Perhaps all you can conjure up is the fact that you are breathing……or you have food every day. That is perfect. All good. All divine. All in lovely wallowing……..

WE would love to have you wallow in gratitude for yourself. See if you can do that or build your way up to that. WE know that so many humans are wounded and don’t know how to get out of it. Counseling, meditation, yoga, exercise, chanting, praying……..the humans have done it all…..we know this human, Elizabeth, has. You humans are so hard on yourselves…….Just BE. Stop trying so much…….wallow in gratitude. Pick something small every day. And make that your focus.

WE love you to the ends of infinity and back.

Elizabeth and The Beans

PS. We recognize that you will do whatever you want to do and these suggestions are lovingly and kindly meant.



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