Still, Small Voice


My Life as a Sadhu

One of the ways I think of my life as a sadhu is that I listen and follow that still, small voice within. Some call it God, Goddess, Universe, Source Energy, Inner Voice. It doesn’t matter to me what it is called. I just KNOW it is there and it is a HUGE comfort to me. I have cultivated that still small voice for pretty much my whole life. I have cultivated it and not always listened. But over the years I have learned to listen to it and follow it; and I usually get confirmation for listening. It is often a huge leap of faith, though. But one thing I have learned is that the more I listen, the more I trust, the more confirmation I get.

The Beans:

Dearest humans—at times to listen to that still, small voice, must feel like you are jumping off a huge cliff. We understand……We get it. Practice doing this. Try it with small things such as turning left when you know going right is the most direct route. Stopping at a specific place when you don’t think you need to stop there but you feel a call within you. Perhaps you will run into an old friend, but perhaps what happened is that it prevented an accident. You just don’t always know. You must TRUST. Yes, we use that word…… is hard to trust as so many humans look outside for their trust. Trusting other humans, fallible beings…….no offense to all the humans out there but NO ONE is infallible. Trusting that someone is going to stop at a stoplight, trusting that you won’t be hurt when you marry the love of your life……..To be human, means getting hurt, feeling pain. AND that is perfectly fine, it is part of living the human life.

We want you, if you so desire, to practice trusting YOU and your inner voice. Cultivate this lovely practice. Pause for a moment occasionally and see what pops up. We understand that this can be very confusing because there are so many voices inside the human’s heads…..Do this. Don’t do that. Don’t laugh too loud. Don’t dance in the doctor’s waiting room. Be a good girl. Be a man! Get a hairdo when you turn 40; you can’t have long hair. Diet, don’t eat butter, don’t get fat or you won’t be loved. And on and on and on and on……

So this is why practicing is important. But you needn’t take a long time……Practice for a few seconds several times a day. See what happens. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to ask any questions of The Beans. We love to hear from you!

Love, Elizabeth/Sadhu and The Beans

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