Your Followers are NOT Infants

I love this! Thanks Dearest Brenda Joy(ce)!!

Just say, hell no!
Pick up your own damn toys. heehee

Every time I think I am done with care taking, I learn something new. And it is good. It helps that my beautiful all grown up children are very independent. It helps that my dear hubby doesn’t expect me to cook, clean or etc. He encourages me to RELAX!!!! Even the dance committee that I am on, won’t let me do some things (when I try to volunteer) because they know I am an overachiever (caretaker) ha!

I mostly feel pretty darn good and remind myself (a lot) that I am not in 3D anymore……So appearances are deceiving, eh?

Life is pretty frickin awesome! AND the less I DO, the more I KNOW. WE don’t have to do a damn thing anymore……BECAUSE we are HERE…….

Thank you lovely cadre/kindreds/Brenda for all being here.


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