Dearest Beans….yes, that is all of you!

This has been percolating for a few days. As I sit in isolation I get to do something that I love to do, which is ponder. In fact, I’ve been wallowing in ponder.  Information and messages come to me and at times I feel the call to share.

These are interesting times for us all.  And tough times for many. My beloved children are faced with laying off employees and also having hours cut. But my gut tells me that they will be okay. AND not only that, but my gut tells me that they will like the new way so much that they will figure out how to continue it with their work. I think this will happen all over. More humans will realize how much they needed this time of quiet. They will realize that they needed more time with their kids, okay, maybe not 24/7 but more time. Humans will realize the sheer joy of quiet and not filling every hour, every minute with something.

I have been sick for a little more than six weeks. It is not COVID19.  I’ve been in training for social distancing. My beloved husband has also been sick and we have been alone in this house and are falling more in love than ever. We are not together every second but we know the other is there. We haven’t been talking a lot because it leads to coughing. But we have been here and have really embraced this time. We are lucky because we have been living a simple life already. We are retired and we don’t travel. We have felt peaceful and filled with love and joy.

I am almost completely well but anytime I start to do too much or talk too much, I start coughing and then don’t feel well. So, what is that message? Stop. BE. Quiet. And so today it came to me. I have completely released all my past. It is not me anymore. I NEED this time to integrate the new, the new DNA shift. AND then I realized that I am inteGREATing. It is time.

We are each on our own individual path AND we are together. This pandemic has created a TOGETHERNESS that is beautiful and sublime. Yes, there will be huge changes. And yes, many will choose to leave this dimension. And yes, a lot of fear is running people. But if you can, take a moment to lean into the quiet. What is it telling YOU?

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Coming To Our Senses: Sensuality Will Replace Emotions

Allowing. Profound allowing, I like to say. Beautiful blog from a dear sister.
Embrace all the emotions. They need some loving kindness, also.

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

37E82913-3E7D-4C43-8ED4-8590550C67A2 Art by Maria Chambers

As we move into our Mastery, we will identify less and less with human emotions.  We will stop responding and reacting to life, and spend more and more time just being in our senses.  We will experience life sensually, with all of our human and our angelic senses.

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Humanity’s Awakening with the Corona Virus

I love how Lightworkers often get similar messages without aid of ever seeing or talking to each other.

I’ve been getting similar messages about the shifting DNA.
I was just telling my son yesterday that this is an Armageddonish type event to shift humanity. And that there may be many who will leave this dimension as their soul calls them.

Beautiful message. I will be sharing. Thank you, Sharon Lyn!

much love to us all,

Divine Musings

Art by Annelie Solis

Last night during dreamtime I was shown the template of the corona virus and all its machinations. As a prior medical student, I was intrigued by what I saw. After observing its composition and how it operates, I’m not surprised it has the scientific community baffled and they are unable to create a vaccine. And if anyone claims they have, it will only be a temporary one because the virus continues to morph at an unprecedented rate. This virus has already morphed several times in response to humanity’s collective consciousness and how humans are responding to it. There have already been a series of upgrades to the human DNA. This is the intel of the recently downloaded codes some people have been consciously experiencing lately. The end result will be a whole new species of human beings.

In the bigger picture, this wave of Awakening was/is a human collective decision…

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Finding the deeper meaning

Came to me on my walk.

16 March 2020
What if this is an opportunity to have more quiet?

What if this is an opportunity to write that blog, write a book?

What if this is an opportunity to learn an instrument, practice an instrument?

What if this is an opportunity to sing?

What if this is an opportunity to dig in the dirt?

What if this is an opportunity to just breathe?

What if this is an opportunity to tell people that you love them?

What if this is an opportunity to read in the bathtub?

What if this is an opportunity to share your gifts?

What if this is an opportunity to cook at home?

What if this is an opportunity to write that poem?

What if this is an opportunity to fill up with just BEING?

What if this is an opportunity to take little walks? Or big walks?

What if this is an opportunity to wave to your neighbors?

What if this is an opportunity do something kind?

What if this is an opportunity to dance naked in the kitchen?

What if this is an opportunity to listen to your inner self, your highest self?

What if this is an opportunity to see more connection?

What if this is an opportunity to read a million books?

What if this is an opportunity to be silly?

What if this is an opportunity to be tranquil, to find tranquility?

What if this is an opportunity to find the peace within?

What if this is an opportunity to do a little yoga or stretching?

What if this is an opportunity to do anything you want?

What if this is an opportunity to watch a silly video?

What if this is an opportunity to be at peace?

What if this is an opportunity to see the humor?

What if this is an opportunity to be safe and have fun?

What if this is an opportunity to see the beauty in all?

What if this is an opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do?

What if this is an opportunity to find the connection in all humans?

What if this is an opportunity to dolphin dance?

What if this is an opportunity to spin and spin and spin?

What is your opportunity?


Message from my soul


Dearest humans–

This is a time of HUGE change and challenge. How do you want to meet this? Do you want to shake your fist at God (and the president) and ask what is the purpose? Or do you want to gracefully and gratefully listen to your own pure inner guidance? We know this will not be a popular stance. And we recognize that there are many who feel that all humans must DO something. Ponder the idea that if EACH human did what they felt called to do from JOY, then all humans will be on the same page. And this will be different for each human.

And if each human does what they feel called to do from JOY, then this will lead, inexorably, to a JOY epidemic.

Consider that this time of pandemic is a time of huge change. And that perhaps huge change is needed. More kindness. More thoughtful contemplation. More joy in the little things. More communication through other channels. More silence. Affection given without touching requires creativity which will incite more creativity in all other aspects of life. More reliance on self. A self that is stronger than you know.

Openness and maybe even some excitement around what is happening, what changes might occur. Humans want control. Control is now being wrested from them because the humans don’t know what is really needed. Humans have a limited capacity. Hearken back to a time where a change occurred that appeared catastrophic and ended up being revelatory and valedictory. None of us know what will happen. Changes occur swiftly and often. Hold onto your faith that this is all in perfect divine timing. And we know it is not easy. Keep breathing.

Chaos. Tearing Down and Building UP.

WE love you dearly, all you fabulous humans, all you humans who think you KNOW what is happening by appearances alone. Nope! That is not what is happening. The appearances are VERY DECEIVING. That is complete and utter 3D stuff and you can safely ignore or avoid or stuff somewhere…..perhaps dig a hole for it to abide?

Darlings, what you see is 3D. What you don’t see is that the multi-verse is working full time on this human issue. And things OFTEN appear to be WRONG WRONG WRONG. It is ALL GOOD. All is in place to move into a new world, a new earth. This is appearing as Armageddon and that is PERFECT because what it does is it forces humans to either make it or break it……many may be leaving. And that is okay. That is the soul’s choice. And it would be their time. And there is never separation.

The world looks completely and utterly chaotic and wrong. It looks like things can never shift or never change or never be how they could be. Humans, sorry, just don’t have the vision for what it COULD become. Please let that rest. Focus on doing the joy things (and for each human it is different.) That is how you build a new earth. Let the world do what it needs to do. It is blowing up. Humans are rising up. Humans are speaking up. Humans are dying. Humans are evolving. But this all takes time.

If any of you are triggered by anything you see, that is NOT BEING IN YOUR JOY PLACE. So, just cut it out. BE in your JOY PLACE. Don’t watch or listen or read the news if it takes you from your joy place. Imagine that the whole thing is one crazy ass reality TV show that is put on and made up and exaggerated.

And you are still living as humans so you still need to wash your hands and listen to your inner guidance about what to do to be safe. Be safe and have fun as we have always said.

Please KNOW that things are shifting. Things must explode, must be destroyed, must be demolished before they can be re-created, before they are re-grown, re-built. KNOW this and hold onto this. See it as a HUGE fixer-upper. The beams and support structure need replacing and reinforcing. The walls need to come down. A lot of stuff needs to be moved and shifted and re-built and re-created. All is well and if we don’t have the vision of it right now, then so be it. Trust. Faith. BE in your JOY.



Love The Beans, Elizabeth and the Whole Gang.

Flashback Inspiration

Hello everyone. I re-read this today and it inspired me. From October 2012.

Message from Jubal* through Elizabeth Sadhu

3 October 2012

Dear Ones–you ask about the right side of your body and the right side of your brain, well as we see it, this is related to serving the world. A couple of things: ” I am letting the world down if I take care of myself”; “I have to do it all”; “OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITY”; “I must save everyone, no one else can do it!”

In this case, the right side of your body is in service to the world, and as Lightworkers you have been working and working and working this side to the exclusion of yourself! Aha dearest ones, it is now time to switch over and use that left side a little more, in fact a lot more. Yes, seeking balance, but at first to find balance you will need to really, really go for it and treat yourself extremely well, not that you will ever stop treating yourself well after this period. BUT we say this with emphasis because RIGHT NOW it will feel EXTREME to you all! Because you are NOT used to treating yourself EXTREMELY well. It will feel foreign, it will feel selfish, it will feel wrong….all those things!

Think to yourself, “what do I really, really want to do right now?”

We love and admire and THANK you for all that you have given over these last many, many years and we want you now to think of YOURSELF! I am shouting a bit in this message, as you can see by the capital letters, but it is necessary BECAUSE you may not hear it otherwise. It is very necessary right now to nurture, feed, adore, love, soothe, (and all those great words) and treat yourself beautifully and wonderfully. ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!!! This is the part of your journey that may feel the most difficult on some level for many of you.

Remember that who you are NOW is the answer to everything and that you are the ones we have been waiting for BUT you will not be able to continue unless you DO this amazingly simple thing and we want you to WORSHIP yourself! WE say amazingly simple, but we know it is difficult. Do what you need to do to get this. Imagine that you are your own child, imagine that you are your own best friend, imagine that you are your own spouse, imagine that you are your own beloved. WHATEVER WORKS for you! How do you treat others? YES! We want you to treat YOURSELF even BETTER!!!!!!!

A suggestion that has proved to be helpful to Elizabeth. Ask your Beings-Beans-Guides-Inner Voice-God-Source Energy-Universe-Archangels-Spirits questions. “Is it in my highest and best to eat broccoli or ice-cream right now?” “Is it in my highest and best to ride my bicycle or drive?” “What will make me happiest right this second” AND see what they say. LISTEN. You get the picture.

Perhaps some of you want to know more and have more discussion and information about the right side, we understand this. But letting go is the first order of business. Wanting to know more comes from your sweet thinking minds, we are looking at and talking to your heart. muah muah muah! Less evaluation and trying to understand and MORE letting go. Less analysis and more loving yourself BIG BIG BIG!!!!

We know you get the picture and know that as dear AA Raphael says (and we laugh), operators are standing by and are happy to take your call!!

*PS. We realize that there may be some confusion about the use of the word “we”. We are known as Jubal, and also the collective energy of the many lifetimes of Jesus-Jeshua.