Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


John Lewis

Brothers and Sisters–

Hear me now. So much has changed since I have passed to this other dimension. We don’t use numbers here but suffice it to know that it is VERY different from the third dimension.

Nothing is wasted here. There is much learning and we are all as one in this learning. Some may teach one person and that person may help another person and then yet another serves someone else. NOTHING is wasted.

My time on earth was a difficult and challenging time as a human. But now I see things very differently. There is no color here. There are no bodies as we once knew them. Trying to explain to humans is challenging but let me make the attempt. It is as though there are beings who are as smoke or light, a shimmering light. This is a place of learning. Some are here for many many lifetimes. (as you might call them in human terms but time is NOT the same here.) Some are here temporarily until the soul has decided what is the next best step.

In human terms as a Black man, when someone said to me, I see no color, I knew that was bullshit and Black people and other people of color were offended. BUT here in this place it is sincerely the case. We are all connected. We are all forms of shimmering light. Not angels, but just present enough so that we can “see” each other. And even with this description, I cannot convey the reality. So, I will stop there.

What I want to say at this time, and I may have more to say at a later time, is to FIND YOUR JOY. As I have just come beyond the veil, I see that this is the MOST important thing for each human. It could be declared as a mission from birth. If each human set out to do that and helped their children do that, the world would be infinitely different.

But for now, things are changing and shifting. I would love to see more white people understand humans of color. AND I would love to see people of color try not to take so much offense. Humans are only doing the best they can. At times it appears as nothing, less than nothing. And you must let this be okay.

From my vantage point, I see the rapidly spinning and shifting world. Please HAVE FAITH in the upcoming changes. Find it within yourself to be present in LOVE. Focus on LOVE. It is no lie that the more you love yourself, the more you love your neighbor. If you could only feel what I feel now in this miraculous and stunning place. (although it is not exactly a place.) There is a love present like nothing I have ever experienced. It is indescribably wondrous. Indescribably radiantly beautiful. Indescribably comforting.

Imagine that, as best you can, and LOVE YOURSELF. And as you do that, your world will shift in ways un-imagined to your human self. Open your eyes to the changes within you and all around you. BE IN LOVE WITH YOU. BE IN YOUR JOY. And I leave you for now. Blessings and extreme love and joy to you all.

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil.


Mother Teresa

Hello beloveds.

You might call me the Patron Saint of Care-Takers. I think that would be safe to say. I became a saint after my death. If you think it is comfortable to be a saint, you are absolutely wrong. It is NOT comfortable, but that was my path. I came into the world at a time in life where being an extreme care-taker was grounds for sainthood. AND most especially for women. ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN. I want to say this loudly and clearly because that is NOT your path any more.

If you feel called to care-take, that must come from a place of extreme joy on YOUR part. NOT because you must SAVE someone. There will be no ribbons or awards given for care-taking. Especially at the expense of your well being. YOU must take care of you. AND if you think about it, it is a kind of extreme egoism to take care of others because they cannot take care of themselves.

Perhaps humans NEED to learn how to take care of themselves. Perhaps humans MUST take care of themselves to LEARN the lessons that are given them. Although I was given awards, and given kudos for helping humans, that was a different time and a different place. AND I was called, with great joy. AND may I admit that this felt like my ONLY path. The only path open to me.

If you care-take others simply because that is what women, (mostly women feel this need) think they need to do, that is infringing on other’s paths. You are delaying them, blocking them from their lessons and also blocking yourself from what you are supposed to do and learn. You may feel as though you are in immense pain and so to circumvent those feelings you volunteer in your child’s classroom, or you serve at a homeless shelter. Etc. BUT you are still there. You may have heard the saying, “wherever you go, there you are”. This is true. NOW, please note that if you feel CALLED with extreme JOY to serve, then do so. If you feel called out of wanting to escape from your pain or problems or because that is what a good girl does, THEN you must stop. YOU are helping no one. The human may be fed for that meal, but perhaps they will go on to want to be fed without effort or change. The human may be fed for that meal, and perhaps your pain will subside for a few minutes, or even a few days or hours, but YOUR PAIN is still there.

The process can be delayed for a short while. BUT it does not go away. AND with these times rapidly accelerating, time must be used in it’s most efficacious for your TIME IS NOW.

Now is the time and the time to be IN JOY.

And as you feel any pain or agitation, please go to your softest place and embrace yourself with extreme kindness. Sit for a second and ponder what would feel the best in that moment. For some, it might be a nap or reading a book. A bubble bath, eating ice cream or broccoli, watching a funny movie, taking a walk among trees. Your SOUL knows. Listen to your soul.

L. Elizabeth Sadhu, is a connector to souls who have passed into other dimensions. Thus, Beyond the Veil.