Soul Flow: Message Beyond the Veil

Isadora Duncan


Beloveds—most of you, if you remember me, will remember me as dancing to the French national anthem, Le Marseillaise. I was a bold and brassy women in those days. Not that I would see myself as that. BUT that is what I was called. Bold. Brassy. I did not allow myself to be kept in a box. I lived at a time when women were expected to be demure and quiet. I was NOT. I lived at a time when women did not show their bodies. I lived a “free” existence at great cost to myself. I died alone and with no one to cherish me. I lived outside the box. I lived as I felt called to do and I served as an inspiration for many women. And still not many were able to break free.

Times may have changed some in your current existence but in essence they have not changed that much. Women are still paid less and valued less than men. People of color are still judged (and found guilty on first glance) by their skin color.

Please know that huge changes are afoot. It may appear that NO change has happened in the last 100-300 years. As the years have gone by, so much has been suppressed. With the advent of your current USA president, he has made it okay to be unspeakably horrid towards women. Impossibly unfair to people of color. Vilified by him if you don’t agree with him. He is a perfect example of a narcissist. There are still many who follow him. The reason that many love him is because they, too, have these sad tendencies inside themselves. So, they love him because they do not want to look inside themselves and see the rot, see the despair, see the shame within.

AND from my current existence, the only cure I see (for all) is that of BEING in your joy. That is what I was doing when I danced. I danced with pure joy for many to witness. BUT, not many got the message. They liked to watch this unusual woman, me. They were not quite sure what to do with me as a human. Most were unable to emulate the joy I exuded while dancing. They did not understand that for them, their joy may have come in other ways. AND they may have had push-back to live in their joy. They may have had to break the bonds of society to live their joy. It was HARD.

So, now is the shifting time. Now is the time of great change. Now is the time to let your joy fly free. Where I am now, I can see all. I can see that there are still many many unhappy humans. They try to fit themselves into the box of “happy”. But that box of happy does not work for all. AND so there is a lot of floundering. AND there is a lot of narcissism. The humans don’t understand that the true joy, the real joy, the authentic joy is a selfless joy within them. Humans think that in order to feel the pure joy they must bash or hurt other humans. Not so.

This current time of pandemic is also a beautiful time to go within and FIND that pure joy. In fact it is here NOW at this time for this VERY REASON. What is it that brings you PURE JOY? It will not be found by looking outside yourself. Practice pausing each hour for a few seconds. Place your hand on your heart and listen to what it is telling you. FIND YOUR JOY.

The more you practice living in your joy, the more love you will have, the more you will see the connection between ALL humans. Change is coming.

4 thoughts on “Soul Flow: Message Beyond the Veil

  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    This is the perfect activity for me now, “Practice pausing each hour for a few seconds. Place your hand on your heart and listen to what it is telling you. FIND YOUR JOY.” Thank you, Isadora, and Elizabeth!
    Lots of Love,

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  2. I really needed that reminder, also. Oh my….. ❤ ❤

    Such a small and easy thing to do….

    hahaha HITTING the easy button.

    love you


    1. Yes, I so agree with Brenda! Taking that heart pause.

      I didn’t know anything about Isadora Duncan. Now I’ll look her up. So she was a woman ahead of her time. And so timely to channel her now as the Divine feminine is rising. And her sensuality expressed through dance. This is so relevant because women, the feminine, sensuality and joy are the pathway to freedom for all genders. Thanks, siSTAR. I really resonated with this. 🙏🦋💕

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  3. Thanks dear SiSTAR!

    She just popped into my head this morning. You make an excellent point. Divine Feminine Rising.

    Love love love


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