Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


Audrey Hepburn

Beloved humans—I now know in this new way of being that I wished I had been even MORE joy-filled in my human 3D life. My new way of being in this other dimension is a lighthearted and soulful and amazingly joy filled experience. I NOW see that I could have embraced that way even more when I was in human form. It is lovely and so beautiful to be able to see, to look back at the time in human form. In this dimension we have no regrets. We have no sorrow about past times or past adventures. There is no looking back in the human sense. Because we can see from here that all was perfect. All the humans were perfect.

What I really want to share now is the idea of human perfection. And we use this word perfect for a reason. Humans have this idea that perfect is unreachable but they still seek it. So, sorry, dearest humans, but you are WRONG. What I really want you to see is how EXTRAORDINARILY PERFECT YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Exactly as you are NOW. If you could see through my eyes the amazing perfection of YOU, you would feel so happy, so filled with peace, so joyful, so thrilled with the idea that you don’t have to seek. You can let go of seeking. Because you are there. You are here. To use Elizabeth’s favorite word, “wallow in your perfection”. Don’t analyze it. Don’t even ponder or hesitate for a second. You are a perfect LOVE being or LOVEBEAN, as Elizabeth likes to say.

So, WOMEN……..I hereby want to pronounce that you ESPECIALLY need to listen to my encouragement in noticing your perfection. In wallowing in your perfection. In KNOWING your perfection. This is a critical time for humanity. There are many changes and shifts afoot. One of which is the patriarchy shifting. So, as you STAND STRONG in your perfection, this aids in the shifting. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. YOU ARE PERFECT. I know that many of you looked at me as a very thin woman and wanted that for yourself. I had so many other issues that the fact I was thin, meant almost nothing to me. I smoked like a chimney. I had huge, horrible to me, feet. I felt a lot of shame and despair about myself and about the world. From where I am now I can see your immense beauty in all its shapes and forms. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stand in your radiance, stand in your perfection.

It will help, as you look in the mirror, to tell yourself: I am perfect. I am divine. I am amazing. Look into your bright beautiful eyes and LOVE ON YOURSELF. Keep doing this. Keep doing it until you believe it.

That is all for now. Your radiance is blinding. Thank you!

Brilliant portrait by Irving Penn (one of my all time favorite photographers.)

6 thoughts on “Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

    1. Ah, Audrey one of my favorite movie stars. Who knew she thought her feet were too large? All that beauty and grace and she focussed on the one part of her body she believed wasn’t perfect.

      As she so appropriately reported in yet another insightful Soulsoothinsounds piece, forget all of that, and enjoy life. Play more and fret much less.

      We’re learning how to love ourselves despite our old 3D hang-ups ensuring that our children and grandchildren will focus on love and joy, instead of fear.
      Love Brenda

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      1. I thought it was a great reminder that everyone has something about themselves that they don’t like. I like how she said to stand in our perfection and that will help to shift things in this world.

        thanks for commenting. Love you!!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, just wanna say I have enjoyed reading all of your Soul Flow Messages,
    From the first one on Mother Teresa to this latest post..
    Read them All, today 😊

    Don’t know much about Audrey Hepburn, but have always admired her black and white photos. She looked elegant.

    Could feel the energy in these messages and uplifting too. Thanks ❤️

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