Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

From: A collective group of multi-dimensional souls


Dear Ones-This is a collective message from many beings who have passed to another dimension. Elizabeth was hearing many people coming through but could not ascertain who the distinct individual was. That is because this is a collective of souls who have chosen to stay in a multi-dimensional space and not reincarnate back into human form.

We want to assure you of the rapidly shifting aspect of your planet. WE say this to you at this time because it feels as though NOTHING is changing. Nothing is shifting. IT IS INDEED. ON the surface in 3D time it feels as though you are watching ice floes melting. We do indeed understand. And we laugh a little because you humans are so often impatient. You want things now. AND we also recognize that many of you have been working hard in this lifetime and previous lifetimes for these moments. Please trust that there is HUGE SHIFTING happening now.

You may only see chaos right now in this earth plane existence. BUT if you could see as we see from the other dimensions, you would SEE that although it APPEARS chaotic, there is much afoot towards HUGE CHANGE. WE want to encourage you all to keep on keeping on…..keep protesting, if you feel called. Keep writing those postcards to get out the vote. Keep posting enlightening messages on your social media places. Keep speaking up for what YOU THINK is right. Keep standing up for your fellow humans. Keep donating to causes that speak to you. WHATEVER you feel is a joy thing for you. Keep on doing it.

AND this is the key. It must feel like a joy thing. JOY is a key for liberation, for movement, for shifting. Humans were not made to only feel the pain. Humans can ALL tap into it; you are made to feel EXTREME JOY! Hug your kids, hug your honey. Hug your dog. Blow yourself kisses in the mirror. Send a happy joyful thought to your neighbor. WHAT is it that brings you joy? Before doing anything, pause for a second and feel if that action might bring you joy. Is it ice-cream for breakfast, popcorn for dinner? Is it taking a long bath or reading a good book? Or is it both at the same time? Watch a child and see how they are magnets for joy. Be silly!

YOU HUMANS will know what it is. PLEASE KNOW that finding and being in your joy is a NECESSITY. This is not random, this is not narcissistic, this is not selfish. THIS IS NECESSARY.

So, be in your joy, because that is HOW the world is being saved. AND you can be in your joy and learn new things. Learn about people who are not appearing exactly as you. REACH OUT. Meet new humans. Share your joy and ignite others. Be open. Open your heart WIDE.

This is a time of Armageddon and also a time of GREAT SHIFTING. The world must collapse as it HAS been and so it can be built and created anew. THIS IS VITAL.

So, be at peace. TRUST the shifting. TRUST even if you can’t see the shifting.

WE love you all!

The collective group who, when human, appeared very different from each other.

5 thoughts on “Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    “This is a time of Armageddon and also a time of GREAT SHIFTING.” Exactly what I’ve been sensing and “hearing.” As if the earth and its inhabitants are in the midst of both spring cleaning and a rebuild.

    And I can’t even begin to remember how many of my channels suggest, plead, and encourage us to find our personal joys. We’re lighting the path for those following with our personal joys.

    Oh, the joy of daring to be ourselves after so many eons of molding ourselves into who others want us to be.
    Love Brenda

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    1. I was thinking about you when this came through…….You have definitely been encouraging the joy. I keep getting the same thing……… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thanks sweetie for writing. love love

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