Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


Guru Nanak

This message from me, Nanak Dev, is a message of love and reconciliation. I have been in another dimension (dead to you humans) for almost 500 years. I was the founder of Sikhism, many like to say. I was the Baba, the papa and I still am. Many who are Sikhs, look to me as an inspiration. Many relate to me as their guru. I am not that. Although I have been called Guru Nanak for many many years.

And this is part of what I have come here to say. Be your own Guru. Be your own fabulous teacher of the Divine, because YOU are ALL of the divine. Yes, truly. If I have provided any inspiration and joy at all, then I have served my purpose.

Please know that if you found Sikhi through Harbhajan Singh, there is no shame in that. We can see from where we are (Beings in other dimensions we tend to say “we” because it is so often a collective of souls) that many were wounded and hurt by this man. We can see that his EARLY intentions were good and true. He was not strong. He got caught up in the worship given to him by all you humans. He pushed it to the max and while so many of you were pure and true and innocent, in many ways you gave him that power. The wounded must heal. The wounded souls that you all are, NEED to heal yourselves. In whatever way you can. It is time to move into your GLORY. Your ESSENCE that is divinity. Do whatever it takes to HEAL yourselves. If it is chanting and recitation of sacred sound, then use that. If it is therapy and talking to your friends and family, then use that. If it is wailing and screaming and wailing and screaming, then do that. NO ONE can judge what you need to do for yourself.

If you must throw out the turban with the baby, then do that. If you must throw out all practices that may have felt good to you, pause for a moment. Because this is one of our main points. PAUSE. PONDER. Does this feel good to me? Does this bring me joy? PAUSE. PAUSE. PAUSE. Try to separate yourself from anyone else’s ideas, anyone else’s experiences. What is YOUR experience? Ponder and pause with that. FEEL it in your BODY? Your divine body, that no matter the shape and size, is from the Infinite. We use this word deliberately. We will not use the word God because that is a trigger for so many. AND if you don’t believe in that shit, then don’t. It is all good. I know that this last sentence may not sound like the Baba Nanak that you know and love, but we are free flowing with current times and also, we are coming to you through Elizabeth, aka Sadhu, and at times her way of using language (which we love) will come through.

So, our final point, is that you were drawn to a man and path that may have been a saving for you in the larger scheme of things. You, on many levels, gave away your power, because you did NOT trust your soul. You did not completely and absolutely and unconditionally love yourselves. WE know that many want to continue in their anger…..and that is all good, that is perfect. THAT is a way of taking back your power.

So, take it back. Show that you can RISE ABOVE and be the radiant, light-filled, gorgeous, fabulous beings that you are NOW. YOU are it already, just acknowledge and embrace that being. YOU!

WE love you ALL unto infinity.

Guru Nanak.
Guru Nanak. 1st Sikh guru. Founder of Sikhism

4 thoughts on “Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

  1. Thanks SiSTAR!
    I think this was a good message and mainly meant for folks who idolize and worship other humans. Ha!



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