Rest is powerful

If this post resonates with you, then it is for you. If it makes you feel itchy, then it is probably for you.

Beloveds, you all have worked and worked and toiled and toiled and worked and worked and worked and it is finally finally finally time for you to sit back and let others do the work. This is a Time for you to reap the benefits, enjoy the benefits, wallow in the benefits of all that you’ve done. We know we understand, we get how hard it is for you both to rest and we do find it very interesting that many of you are having to have such a significant and unmoving rest because of your bodily injuries. And so many of you clearly don’t realize how much you do, so this is a time for you all to rest. Let this time percolate and simmer within you. Let this time simmer around in your very being, to the depths of your very souls. And we want you to know what you’ve done for the universe, what you’ve done for this world, what you’ve done for all of humanity. You all, and there are many, of course, who have worked so hard. You all have worked so hard and it was completely selfless. You all were called and you all chose to come to this space and time to uplift humanity, to save humanity and on many levels to sacrifice yourself for the common good. For the greater good!

Right now in many ways you all are facing your biggest test. And that is for you all to rest and relax and just enjoy. You have all been huge doers in your lifetime and in fact in many lifetimes before this. This is your time to sit back and just be still. And for all of you, because of who you are, being still is immensely powerful and impactful. You think that you are doing nothing, but you are not. You think you should be doing something, but please do not. Let yourself be. Let yourself read and relax. Let yourself watch TV and relax. Let yourself look out the window and enjoy the view. Take a little walk in nature. This will make the biggest impact for you all and for the world. We understand that right now it may not make sense for you to see the impact this will have on the world. And if y’all are thinking that doesn’t make any sense; why would my rest have an impact on the world? It will become more clear as time goes on. But let us just say right now that your inspiration, your beauty, your willingness, although it may be a challenge, to follow the still small voice, to follow the call of the universes, to listen to The Beans, to know that you must rest; this has a huge impact. Sometimes, and in fact, oftentimes doing nothing is the best thing you can DO.

This time of enforced rest is, may we say, one of our most brilliant plans. We of the Universes and we, The Beans, and this includes all of the Archangels, this includes all Beings who are with you all at all times, we devised this for you because this is the final piece. Now we recognize that when we say final it sounds like perhaps you’re near death but that is not the case. Not by any stretch are you close to death. But you may call this a tiny death because this is the release and the letting go and the death of your old ways of doing doing doing. You are done in that role; you are complete in that role. Now is the time to relish and wallow and enjoy your life with your beautiful family (whatever that looks like to you). This piece also enlivens your families. It also makes them feel good, it makes them feel important, it makes them feel that you need them. And you do need them. They want to feel needed, they want to feel loved, they want to feel like they are significant and important to your life. But because you all are so competent and so capable there have been many ways, even though we know that you’ve tried to be careful, that your families have felt that they weren’t needed in the way they would like to feel needed. So this is a coming together for all of you and for your relationships to come into more perfect and beautiful Harmony.

We love you all.

4 thoughts on “Rest is powerful

  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Rest is an important message for our times. Both for self-love healing and regeneration – and for allowing our loved ones to care for us. So many of us expect and are expected to be strong no matter what happens. We’re creating a new world with new expectations of ourselves and others.
    Love Brenda

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